A Bond Stronger Than Gluten

FOOD FOR THOUGHT The Gift of My Special Diet By Beth Hillson September 2013 As a baker with celiac disease, I have a love-hate relationship with gluten. It’s amazing what a little gluten can do for bread and pizza. Equally amazing is how sick it can make me. This wondrous peptide chain that miraculously binds

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Going Home

By Beth Hillson When I tell people I grew up in an Orthodox Jewish community in Old Town, Maine, they always ask the same question:  “How did your family end up there?” For years I would stare blankly when asked that question, shrug my shoulders and say, “I don’t know.” When you’re growing up, your

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Gluten-Free & More, October/November 2014

“The real meat lies in her valuable wisdom: naming companies you can trust, ingredients you can use, practices you can follow. All with an attitude that celebrates living well, gluten-free. A must read.”

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“Hillson’s willingness to handle [all] elements of gluten-free living, her determination to show people who must live gluten-free that they can do so without making huge sacrifices in everyday life, and her inclusion of easy-to-follow recipes, make Living Well Gluten Free a book that actually lives up to its title…for its target audience, its plain-spokenness

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Bookviews, 10/1/14

“Filled with practical, comprehensive advice on all the aspects of living from a child who is allergic to Play-Doh to gluten-free dining…[this] book could be life-saving for anyone with the disease or troubled by gluten-related health problems.”

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Hudson Valley News, 9/17/14

“For decades, Hillson has been a guru to the gluten-free community. She combines her personal expertise with the latest research, and she has a sense of humor. Every ‘foodie’ should have this one!”

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